Oofuchi (Fukasawa Koi Farm)

A little bit away from Yamakoshi and Mushigame the Oofuchi-brothers: Hideyaki and Munehiro where at first well known for their Kuyjaku for which they shared parent stocks with Miyatora. Kawarimono varieties in high quality have been always their other speciality. Since some years they have been producing very nice Sanke , Tancho and Kohaku as well all proved to be of very high quality. Real masters of koi. Of stocks of Oofuchi we offer a nice tosai mix and nissai (2-years) mix in two grades. Number of mud ponds 100 Parent stock 100 Yearly production 20.000 pcs.
Oofuchi (Fukasawa Koi Farm) Oofuchi (Fukasawa Koi Farm) Oofuchi (Fukasawa Koi Farm)

Stock items of Oofuchi (Fukasawa Koi Farm)
Sansai Kujaku, Goromo, Showa355-60 cm***Sold OutCSP750 Login