Hirasawa, Marusei Koifarm

Hirasawa Mr. Hirasawa started in the mid fifties with breeding and has become nowadays most probably the largest breeder in Niigata. There is no breeder around where stocks seem to last as long . Without any ending, thousands of fish are produced by Mr. Hirasawa and his family. Almost all kind of varieties are offered in all sizes, but Hirasawa is famous in Japan for especially large and jumbo sizes of all kind at very affordable prices. Speaking about sizes, his Chagoi do reach one meter in length. A really must see breeder when you are around. You can always contact us to make a special selction of sansai and yonsai. Please check out our Ornafish only offers in nissai(2-years) as well. Number of mud ponds over 200/Parent stock 200/Yearly production 300.000 pcs
Hirasawa, Marusei Koifarm Hirasawa, Marusei Koifarm Hirasawa, Marusei Koifarm

Stock items of Hirasawa, Marusei Koifarm
Sansai Kawarimono Mix345-50 cm***Special OfferRSP 100 Login
Sansai & Yonsai Sanke254-63 cm****Sold OutCSP751 Login