AA-Ornafish Super Special Selection

Here we will offer super special fish, either by quality or because they are rare, hard to get.
AA-Ornafish Super Special Selection

Stock items of AA-Ornafish Super Special Selection
HQ Sansai Tancho Sanke / GR Kohaku255-62 cm****Special OfferRSP 600 Login
HQ Sansai Doitsu Hariwake / KK Utsuri255-60 cm****Special OfferRSP 601 Login
HQ Sansai Gr Kohaku / KK Utsuri255-60 cm****Special OfferRSP 602 Login
Sansai HQ Doitsu Sanke250-55 cm****Special OfferRSP 605 Login
HQ Nisai Kohaku142 cm****Special OfferRSP 999 Login
HQ Sansai Maruten Sanke156 cm*****Special OfferRSP-02 Login
HQ Sansai Kindai Showa155 cm*****Special OfferRSP-04 Login
HQ Sansai Ki Utsuri160 cm*****Sold OutRSP 101 Login
Super Sansai Showa159 cm*****Sold OutRSP 126 Login
HQ Nisai Mix440-45 cm*****Sold OutRSP 27 Login
Nisai Goshiki "Panda"144 cm*****Sold OutRSP 30 Login
Nisai Goshiki "Koishow"146 cm*****Sold OutRSP 31 Login
Nisai Goshiki "Gamble"147 cm*****Sold OutRSP 32 Login
HQ Maruten Shusui160 cm*****Sold OutRSP 510 Login
HQ Sansai GR Hi Utsuri / Shiro Utsuri255-60 cm****Sold OutRSP 603 Login
Sansai HQ Doitsu Yamatonishiki250-55 cm****Sold OutRSP 606 Login
HQ Sansai Goromo / Ochiba Shigure255-60 cm*****Sold OutRSP 78 Login
Sansai Maruten Sanke153 cm*****Sold OutRSP-03 Login
HQ Sansai Kujaku160 cm*****Sold OutRSP-05 Login
Super Sansai Hi Utsuri162 cm*****Sold OutRSP-10 Login
Super Sansai Hi Utsuri157 cm****Sold OutRSP-11 Login
Super Sansai Hi Utsuri156 cm*****Sold OutRSP-12 Login
Nisai Kikokoryu (Nagaoka Koishow)143 cm*****Sold OutRSP-17 Login
Nisai Doitsu Yamatonishiki (Nagaoka Koishow)146 cm*****Sold OutRSP-18 Login
Nisai Doitsu Yamatonishiki140 cm*****Sold OutRSP-19 Login