Our business in Japan is seasonal. Shipping starts in February and the last shipment will depart from Japan at the end of June or the first week of July. Then, in October we start again with the shipping of the autumn harvests.

Before February fish are too weak to ship and there is too much snow, after July stocks are sold out and high temperatures make shipping risky. Our shipments are scheduled on fixed dates. In this way everyone know when shipments can be expected and when we need to receive orders.

For further details on shipments and destinations please contact us.


Prior to changes in dates

Please take note of closing dates for shipments, these dates are imperative, we cannot accept any order to ensure best conditions in shipping. Apart from our constant checking all entries are checked on availability and health conditions 3 times prior to packing and shipping. All delivery dates are estimates and not of essence of the contract between us. SUPPLIER will never be liable for damage caused by a delay or change of date in delivery.

All our Koi are doubled bagged and packed in sturdy cardboard sealed cartons. We add Alfish to each carton to improve the water quality in the Box during the long trip. All cartons are sufficiently labelled: with packing time, number packed, variety, destination and further event information. All shipments are effected from our packing station and transported in temperature controlled trucks to Narita airport. At Narita airport all cartons are stored in temperature controlled rooms prior to departure of aircraft and checked a final time before being loaded into temperature controlled holds on to the aircraft. In case of high outside temperatures gel/ice packs are added. You will be informed by your local distributor on exact arrival time of shipment and further requirements.

Shipment schedulle 2017:
nbr Order Deadline (10 AM EU Time, 17:00 Japan Time)
Shipping date Arrival date
1 06-2-2017 16-2-2017 17-2-2017
2 20-2-2017 1-3-2017 2-3-2017
3 06-3-2017 14-3-2017 15-3-2017
4 20-3-2017 29-3-2017 30-3-2017
5 03-4-2017 12-4-2017 13-4-2017
6  17-4-2017 24-4-2017 25-4-2017
7 28-4-2017 10-5-2017 11-5-2017
8 22-5-2017 30-5 / 31-5-2017 31-5/ 1-6-2017
9 06-6-2017 14-6-2017 15-6-2017
10 19-6-2017 28-6-2017 29-6-2017

In autumn we will start our first shipments around the end of October.
Please be aware that arrival days can change without prior notice. We will try to inform you if the schedule cannot be achieved. However, Ornafish can never be held responsible for the change of an arrival date or time.

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