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Tosai, Nisai and older Koi for sale, selected Boxes, Specials and stock boxes selected by the breeders. If you want us to select the koi of your choice than please contact us.
Sansai HQ Kikusui / Nisai HQ SankeAA-Ornafish Super Special Selection245-55 cm****Special OfferSP-762 Login
Sansai HQ D Hariwake / Beni Kujaku / D-PlatinaAA-Ornafish Super Special Selection350-55 cm****Special OfferSP-761 Login
Nisai Mix, What you see is what you getA-Ornafish Selected Koi1920-30 cm***Special OfferSP-783 Login
Selected Nisai MixA-Ornafish Selected Koi735-42 cm***Special OfferSP-506 Login
Sansai Goshiki good QualityA-Ornafish Selected Koi445 cm****Special OfferSP-448 Login
Sansai Goshiki good QualityA-Ornafish Selected Koi345-50 cm****Special OfferSP-447 Login
Tosai Selected Tateshita MixHosokai2618-25 cm****Special OfferSP-927 Login
Jumbo Tosai ShowaIsa1525-29 cm***Special OfferSP-510 Login
Jumbo Tosai ShowaIsa1029-34 cm***Special OfferSP-511 Login
Hand Selected Jumbo TosaiMarudo1225-33 cm***Special OfferSP-969 Login
Chagoi / Gr ChagoiMarudo350-55 cm***Special OfferSP-322 Login
Tosai D-Go Sanke Mix ORNAFISH EXCLUSIVEMaruhide10008-12 cm***Special OfferMHE-001 Login
Tosai Mix (ORNAFISH EXCLUSIVE)Miya6012-15 cm***Special OfferMIY-001 Login
Tosai Mix (ORNAFISH EXCLUSIVE)Miya4016-20 cm***Special OfferMIY-010 Login
Nisai Mix, What you see is what you getOofuchi (Fukasawa Koi Farm)835-40 cm****Special OfferSP-763 Login
Tosai Tateshita MixOyaji5016-20 cm***Special OfferSP-070 Login
Small Nisai MixOyaji2018-23 cm***Special OfferSP-073 Login
Tosai PlatinaChoguro6013-15 cm***AvailableCHO-009 Login
Tosai PlatinaChoguro5015-18 cm***AvailableCHO-010 Login
Tosai KohakuHasegawa7012-15 cm***AvailableHAS-001 Login
Tosai Kohaku 95% / Showa 5%Hasegawa7012-15 cm***AvailableHAS-030 Login
Tosai KohakuHasegawa5016-20 cm***AvailableHAS-010 Login
Tosai Tateshita Kohaku 95% / Showa 5%Hasegawa4016-20 cm****AvailableHAS-050 Login
Nisai Tateshita KohakuHasegawa640-45 cm****AvailableHAS-060 Login
Tosai Karashigoi (20% GR Karashigoi)Hirasawa, Marusei Koifarm10010-12 cm***AvailableHIA-001 Login
Tosai Chagoi, Few Gr ChagoiHirasawa, Marusei Koifarm10010-12 cm***AvailableHIA-002 Login
Tosai MixHirasawa, Marusei Koifarm10010-12 cm***AvailableHIA-010 Login
Tosai MixHirasawa, Marusei Koifarm8012-14 cm***AvailableHIA-020 Login
Tosai MixHirasawa, Marusei Koifarm5015-18 cm***AvailableHIA-028 Login
Nisai MixHirasawa, Marusei Koifarm2520-25 cm***AvailableHIA-030 Login
Nisai MixHirasawa, Marusei Koifarm1225-30 cm***AvailableHIA-050 Login
Nisai MixHirasawa, Marusei Koifarm1030-35 cm***AvailableHIA-060 Login
Yonsai Benigoi "slim body"Hirasawa, Marusei Koifarm170-75 cm***AvailableHIA-090 Login
Yonsai Benigoi "normal body"Hirasawa, Marusei Koifarm170-75 cm***AvailableHIA-092 Login
Tosai MixHirashin15010-12 cm***AvailableHIN-020 Login
Tosai MixHirashin10013-15 cm***AvailableHIN-030 Login
Nisai Mix: 6x Yamabuki / 2x PlatinumHirashin830-35 cm***AvailableHIN-040 Login
Nisai Mix: 3x Yamabuki / 3x Chagoi / 1x Hi UtsuriHirashin730-35 cm***AvailableHIN-040 Login
Tosai KohakuHoshikin3018-25 cm***AvailableHON-010 Login
Tosai HQ KohakuHoshikin3018-25 cm****AvailableHON-020 Login
Tosai ShowaHoshikin3018-25 cm***AvailableHON-030 Login
Tosai HQ ShowaHoshikin3018-25 cm****AvailableHON-040 Login
Tosai MixHosokai7012-14 cm***AvailableHOI-001 Login
Tosai MixHosokai5014-16 cm***AvailableHOI-010 Login
Tosai MixHosokai4016-18 cm***AvailableHOI-020 Login
Tosai MixHosokai3018-22 cm***AvailableHOI-030 Login
Tosai MixIkarashi (Ozumi)10010-12 cm***AvailableIKO-001 Login
Tosai MixIkarashi (Ozumi)7013-15 cm***AvailableIKO-010 Login
Tosai MixIkarashi (Ozumi)5016-18 cm***AvailableIKO-020 Login
Tosai MixIkarashi Toshinobu5015-18 cm***AvailableIKZ-005 Login
Tosai TamasabaKaneko20005-07 cm***AvailableKAN-070 Login
Tosai Shiro UtsuriKaneko10010-12 cm***AvailableKAN-001 Login
Tosai MixKaneko10010-12 cm***AvailableKAN-005 Login
Tosai MixKaneko7013-14 cm***AvailableKAN-006 Login
Tosai Goshiki (very few ginrin)Kanno7013-16 cm***AvailableKNO-002 Login
Tosai Goshiki (very few ginrin)Kanno7013-16 cm**AvailableKNO-003 Login
Tosai Mix: Kohaku 40%, Sanke 30%, Showa 30%Kanno7013-16 cm***AvailableKNO-010 Login
Tosai Tateshita MixKanno4015-23 cm***AvailableKNO-021 Login
Tosai Tateshita MixKanno4015-23 cm***AvailableKNO-022 Login
Tosai Shiro Utsuri (white tiger bloodline)Kase6013-16 cm***AvailableKAS-040 Login
Tosai Mix (2 box available)Kase5016-18 cm***AvailableKAS-020 Login
Tosai Showa ORNAFISH EXCLUSIVEKase4017-22 cm***AvailableKAS-036 Login
Tosai AsagiKataoka8012-15 cm***AvailableKAT-001 Login
Tosai Asagi / MatsubaKataoka8012-15 cm***AvailableKAT-005 Login
Tosai SankeKataoka3020-25 cm***AvailableKAT-010 Login
Tosai ShowaKobayashi5015-18 cm***AvailableKOB-005 Login
Tosai ShowaKobayashi4018-20 cm***AvailableKOB-006 Login
Tosai KarasuMarudo7013-16 cm***AvailableMDO-004 Login
Nisai YamabukiMarudo2518-23 cm***AvailableMDO-013 Login
Tosai Mix: Mukashi, KabutoMarudo2519-23 cm***AvailableMDO-005 Login
Nisai Mix: Kabuto, Asagi Gin MatsubaMarudo835-45 cm***AvailableMDO-015 Login
Maruhiro Koifarm 2017 Tosai Mix many varieties (few Go Sanke)Maruhiro10010-12 cm***AvailableMHO-010 Login
Maruhiro Koifarm 2017 Tosai Mix many varietiesMaruhiro6013-15 cm***AvailableMHO-020 Login
Maruhiro Koifarm 2017 Tosai Mix many varietiesMaruhiro4516-18 cm***AvailableMHO-030 Login
Small Nisai mixMaruhiro4018-22 cm***AvailableMHO-050 Login
Tosai MixMiyaishi5015-18 cm***AvailableMII-003 Login
Tosai MixMiyatora6011-13 cm***AvailableMIA-070 Login
Tosai MixMiyatora5014-16 cm***AvailableMIA-071 Login
Jumbo Tosai MixMiyatora1528-33 cm***AvailableMIA-080 Login
Tosai MixOofuchi (Fukasawa Koi Farm)6013-16 cm***AvailableOFI-001 Login
Tosai HQ MixOofuchi (Fukasawa Koi Farm)6013-16 cm****AvailableOFI-010 Login
Tosai MixOofuchi (Fukasawa Koi Farm)3517-20 cm***AvailableOFI-020 Login
Tosai HQ MixOofuchi (Fukasawa Koi Farm)3517-20 cm****AvailableOFI-030 Login
Nisai MixOofuchi (Fukasawa Koi Farm)830-40 cm***AvailableOFI-040 Login
Nisai HQ MixOofuchi (Fukasawa Koi Farm)830-40 cm****AvailableOFI-050 Login
Tosai MixOtsuka10010-12 cm***AvailableOTS-010 Login
Tosai MixOtsuka7013-15 cm***AvailableOTS-011 Login
Tosai Mix: 40% Kohaku / 60% SankeSakai Matsunosuke5014-18 cm***AvailableSAI-001 Login
Tosai Mix: 60% Kohaku / 40% SankeSakai Matsunosuke5014-18 cm***AvailableSAI-002 Login
Tosai Mix: 30% Kohaku / 70% SankeSakai Matsunosuke2518-23 cm***AvailableSAI-003 Login
Tosai MixSakazume7012-14 cm***AvailableSAE-050 Login
Tosai MixSakazume5014-16 cm***AvailableSAE-051 Login
Tosai MixSakazume4016-20 cm***AvailableSAE-052 Login
Tosai Doitsu Go SankeShinoda7012-15 cm***AvailableSHA-001 Login
Tosai MixSuda7013-15 cm***AvailableSUD-005 Login
Tosai YamabukiSuda1507-9 cm***AvailableSUD-001 Login
Tosai Mix ORNAFISH EXCLUSIVEYagenji Koi Farm5016-18 cm***AvailableYAG-005 Login
Tosai TATESHITA Mix ORNAFISH EXCLUSIVEYagenji Koi Farm5017-20 cm****AvailableYAG-011 Login
Tosai Mix ORNAFISH EXCLUSIVEYagenji Koi Farm4018-20 cm***AvailableYAG-006 Login
Tosai TATESHITA Mix ORNAFISH EXCLUSIVEYagenji Koi Farm4020-22 cm****AvailableYAG-012 Login
Tosai Mix ORNAFISH EXCLUSIVEYagenji Koi Farm3020-23 cm***AvailableYAG-007 Login
Tosai MixYamazaki7012-15 cm***AvailableYAI-010 Login
Tosai HQ MixYamazaki7012-15 cm***AvailableYAI-011 Login
Tosai Special MixYamazaki7012-15 cm***AvailableYAI-013 Login
Tosai Mix: Platina, GR PlatinaYamazaki8012-15 cm***AvailableYAI-020 Login
Tosai Mix: HQ Ochiba, GR OchibaYamazaki7012-15 cm***AvailableYAI-021 Login
Tosai Mix: D Karashigoi (80%), Karashigoi (20%)Yamazaki7012-15 cm***AvailableYAI-022 Login
Tosai Mix: Karashigoi, Chagoi, Benigoi (10%)Yamazaki7012-15 cm***AvailableYAI-023 Login
Tosai Chagoi & Ginrin ChagoiYamazaki7012-15 cm***AvailableYAI-029 Login
Tosai Mix: Ochiba, GR Ochiba (20%)Yamazaki7012-15 cm***AvailableYAI-040 Login
Tosai Mix: Hi Utsuri, GR Hi UtsuriYamazaki7012-15 cm***AvailableYAI-060 Login
Tosai Long Fin MixYamazaki6012-15 cm***AvailableYAI-071 Login
Tosai Hikari MixYamazaki7012-15 cm***AvailableYAI-130 Login
Tosai MixYamazaki5015-17 cm***AvailableYAI-012 Login
Small Nisai MixYamazaki3018-23 cm***AvailableYAI-014 Login
Nisai MixYamazaki1030-35 cm***AvailableYAI-090 Login
Nisai PlatinaYamazaki1030-35 cm***AvailableYAI-091 Login
Nisai Longfin MixYamazaki832-38 cm***AvailableYAI-092 Login
Tosai Mix: Platina, GR PlatinaYamazaki1209-11 cm***AvailableYAI-019 Login
Nisai MixAoki1527-33 cm***Sold OutSP-056 Login
Nisai Hi UtsuriHirasawa, Marusei Koifarm540-45 cm***Sold OutSP-986 Login
Nisai Hi UtsuriHirasawa, Marusei Koifarm540-45 cm***Sold OutSP-987 Login
Tosai Selected Tateshita MixHosokai2518-25 cm****Sold OutSP-928 Login
Tosai Selected MixIkarashi Toshinobu5513-20 cm***Sold OutSP-050 Login
Tosai Selected MixIkarashi Toshinobu5013-20 cm***Sold OutSP-051 Login
Yamabuki - Gin Matsuba MixMarudo2520-25 cm***Sold OutSP-323 Login
Hand Selected Jumbo TosaiMarudo1525-33 cm***Sold OutSP-968 Login
Tosai ShusuiYamajyu7013-15 cm***Sold OutYAU-001 Login
Tosai HQ ShusuiYamajyu7013-15 cm***Sold OutYAU-010 Login
Tosai Ochiba Shigure (Doitsu/Wagoi)Yamajyu7014-16 cm***Sold OutYAU-020 Login
Tosai HQ Ochiba Shigure (Doitsu/Wagoi)Yamajyu7014-16 cm****Sold OutYAU-030 Login
Tosai ShusuiYamajyu5015-18 cm***Sold OutYAU-002 Login
Tosai HQ ShusuiYamajyu5015-18 cm***Sold OutYAU-011 Login
Tosai ShusuiYamajyu4018-20 cm***Sold OutYAU-003 Login
Tosai HQ ShusuiYamajyu4018-20 cm***Sold OutYAU-012 Login
Nisai ShusuiYamajyu735-45 cm***Sold OutYAU-040 Login
Nisai HQ ShusuiYamajyu735-45 cm****Sold OutYAU-050 Login