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Tosai, Nisai and older Koi for sale, selected Boxes, Specials and stock boxes selected by the breeders. If you want us to select the koi of your choice then please contact us. Spring Shipments are done, the next available stock and shipment will be October.
HQ Sansai Kindai ShowaAA-Ornafish Super Special Selection155 cm*****Special OfferRSP-04 Login
HQ Sansai Maruten SankeAA-Ornafish Super Special Selection156 cm*****Special OfferRSP-02 Login
Super Sansai Hi UtsuriAA-Ornafish Super Special Selection156 cm*****Special OfferRSP-12 Login
Super Sansai Hi UtsuriAA-Ornafish Super Special Selection157 cm****Special OfferRSP-11 Login
Sansai Goshiki good QualityA-Ornafish Selected Koi345-50 cm****Special OfferSP-447 Login
Sansai Yamabuki / ChagoiA-Ornafish Selected Koi250-55 cm****Special OfferRSP 125 Login
Sansai Kawarimono MixHirasawa, Marusei Koifarm350 cm***Special OfferRSP 100 Login
Small Nisai Mix (only 5 box available)Maruhide1917-25 cm***Special OfferSP-003 Login
Nisai Doitsu MixMaruhiro735-45 cm***Special OfferSP-016 Login
Yonsai Ki UtsuriMaruhiro165 cm***Special OfferSP-055 Login
Yonsai Ki UtsuriMaruhiro167 cm***Special OfferSP-057 Login
Nisai Goshiki "Panda"AA-Ornafish Super Special Selection144 cm*****Sold OutRSP 30 Login
Nisai Goshiki "Koishow"AA-Ornafish Super Special Selection146 cm*****Sold OutRSP 31 Login
Nisai Goshiki "Gamble"AA-Ornafish Super Special Selection147 cm*****Sold OutRSP 32 Login
Sansai Maruten SankeAA-Ornafish Super Special Selection153 cm*****Sold OutRSP-03 Login
HQ Sansai Goromo / Ochiba ShigureAA-Ornafish Super Special Selection255-60 cm*****Sold OutRSP 78 Login
Super Sansai ShowaAA-Ornafish Super Special Selection159 cm*****Sold OutRSP 126 Login
HQ Sansai KujakuAA-Ornafish Super Special Selection160 cm*****Sold OutRSP-05 Login
Super Sansai Hi UtsuriAA-Ornafish Super Special Selection162 cm*****Sold OutRSP-10 Login
Tosai MixAoki7012-15 cm***Sold OutAOK-010 Login
Tosai Mix WYSIWYGAoki6015-17 cm***Sold OutAOK-X20 Login
HQ Nisai Ai / Budo GoromoA-Ornafish Selected Koi735-45 cm****Sold OutRSP-01 Login
HQ Nisai Tancho KohakuA-Ornafish Selected Koi350 cm****Sold OutRSP 80 Login
Nisai Kawari MixMaruhide640-45 cm***Sold OutSP-054 Login
Nisai Kogane MixMaruhiro630-50 cm***Sold OutSP-015 Login
Nisai Kogane MixMaruhiro440-55 cm***Sold OutSP-014 Login
Yonsai Ginrin ChagoiMaruhiro168 cm***Sold OutSP-056 Login
Jumbo Tateshita Tosai MixMarusada825-33 cm***Sold OutSP-452 Login
Nisai Tancho Showa / 2 x Asagi / Sansai SankeYagenji Koi Farm440-45 cm***Sold OutSP-008 Login